DIY Macrame Plant Hanger : Video Tutorial

Here is a quick video tutorial on how to assemble your macrame plant hanger.
Once you get the hang of it, it is pretty quick and easy and will add a bit of life to your apartments walls!
Have fun and keep posted for more Weekly DIY Boxes! We will be releasing a new box every Thursday, orders need to be placed by Sundays. We will deliver them within the week and share a tutorial on how to put your kit together on Fridays!
Here are the steps we cover in our video tutorial:
Take all six strands of rope and fold them in half.
Thread them through the wooden ring, make sure the middle of the rope is in the centre of the hook.
Do your first square knot over the whole group of twelve strands.
Do your second square knot:
Separate your ropes into three groups of four strands.
Do two square knots on each group of four.
Take one group of four strands, measure about 15cm and start your spiral. Do ten knots to complete the spiral, all starting from the left.
Repeat this on the two other groups of four.
Once you have completed this, take one group of four and move about 5cm down the rope. Take the inside two strands of the group behind the other two strands so that they now become the outside strands.
Repeat your 10 spiral knots.
Repeat these two steps on your other two groups of four.
Next, select two of the groups of four which are alongside each other, and take two strands from each group to create a new group of four.
With this new group of four, measure about 12cm below your last knots and do two square knots on this new group.
Repeat these two steps by creating two other new groups of four.
Repeat the last 4 steps, making another set of groups and doing two square knots about 6-7cm below the last square knots.
Repeat again so that you have three sets of square knots, forming your cradle for your pot plant.
Place your pot plant in the macrame hanger, and make sure that all  the knots are level.
Now you can finish off your plant hanger by doing two more square knots over the whole group of rope.
Trim all the ends of your rope to the length of your shortest rope.
And voila!
Drop us a mail if you need any help!

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