Are you a 'Crazy Plant Lady' who treated herself to one of our G.I.Y. Kits or maybe a friend who knows you are a propagation princess gave you one as a gift? Since Spring is just around the corner, now is the perfect time to plant your seeds and watch them grow!

So you've opened up your cute kit and you're not sure where to start...we have put
together a little step-by-step blog post to help you along the way...


Follow these planting instructions and care tips and your

babies should germinate and sprout in no time!


Step One

In a clean bowl or container, mix together your planting medium packet,
- the Cactus Mix, Peat Moss, Perlite and Vemiculite.
Keep about a table spoon of the Peat Moss separate,
this will be used to cover the seeds.


Step Two

Place your potting mixed planting medium into the black potting tray.

This layer of planting medium must be about 2cm deep

Step Three

Fill up your spray bottling with water and spray the soil so that it is moist.

Step Four

Place your seeds on top of the soil, about 2-3cm apart.

Step Five

Sprinkle a light layer of the Peat Moss over the top of the planting tray,

just enough to cover your seeds.

Step Six

Do another light misting with your spray bottle,

but not too much as to move your seeds too deep in the soil.

Step Seven

Wrap your tray in cling film to ensure that you do not

loose moisture and humidity in from your planting tray.

Step Eight

Place your planting tray in a spot that will get a lot of bright light an heat, such
as a windowsill or under a lamp. Don’t place them outside in direct sunlight.

Step Nine

Fill out your planting date on your label and place it near your tray - once your seeds

have sprouted, you can pop the label into the soil.


Care Tips

Once you have planted your seeds and found a suitable spot for them, you will need to check in on them daily. They may not need to be watered everyday, but check to ensure that the soil is not completely dried out. If it is looking dry on the top, give it a spray of water to keep it moist then be sure to cover the top of the tray again in the cling film. Once you start to see sprouts coming out of the soil, your babies are beginning to grow. Continue to check on them daily and make sure they are getting enough light and heat. If the sprouts are turning red, this means that they are getting to much direct sun. Once they reach about 1-2cm tall, you can slowing start removing the cling film. Peel back the film about a third of the way every second day until it is completely removed. Make sure that as you are removing the film, you don’t let the soil dry out completely. Cacti don’t like to be drenched or drowining, so be sure not to let water sit in your tray, but keep a balance by spraying the top soil every few days.

Here is a pic of our four week old Mexican Cardon Cacti, they sprouted within a week and have been thriving! How cute!?

Enjoy growing your baby cacti and please email us on if you have any queries!


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